Unemployment E01 | Dangal vs TakaTak|

Unemployment E01 | Dangal vs TakaTak|


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Directed By: Priyanka Arora
Produced By: Shonal Bose
DOP: Mohhamad Shahezad, Mohd Salim
Written By: Azeem Khan
Gaffer: Zubair Khan, ibrahim Yusuf Khan
Assistant Gaffer: Shiv Shankar
Project Head: Anubhava Shrivastava
Post Head: Bhavesh M. Kothari
Production: Peeping Tom Productions, Click Tv
Makeup studio: Faces by Anshu Arora
Digital Marketing: Jadeja Nirmalsinh, Deepak Goriya

By the way, you must have heard many stories of unemployment, sometimes from someone to someone, but this story is different when a TikTok strat becomes unemployed, then only one thing keeps revolving in his mind that we will make a video on TikTok and will become viral because How is this a trend going on, you will see it while making the video itself When a video is made somewhere

Unemployment then it takes time to become viral, then there is an anecdote like some anecdote in which the unemployed man insisted on making the video and going viral, but the funny thing is that his wife also makes a video and The video is going viral because even if the unemployed man does what to do if he doesn’t have some work, then make the video itself, so this is a saying that when the data of the husband’s phone gets exhausted, then he becomes very upset. Unemployment Speaks to his wife for hotspot but she was busy making reels because as a husband and If such a wife wants to dominate the world of donor reels, she was crazy about making reels, then the husband speaks, goes to the kitchen and sees that his wife is busy making reels, then she takes her phone from the side to the roof and she ,It also takes to make reels, so his wife comes to know that she goes up to the roof seeing her husband and she sees that her husband is making reels,Unemployment then she says that you have gone days when you used to make reels. I will make it because I still look sexy, so I make it in let you stay, so in such a long time the nibhi girl making nearby comes and says that no one becomes viral just by moving her lipsUnemployment , she has to dance when someone goes somewhere If it is viral, then the husband says that I was also a reels star at some point in time, then that girl leaves from there, then after that his wife is bolti that I should make reels because I can dance well, Unemployment he says you stay Give it and this ep would have ended, and you must have liked it a lot after reading it, then I am sure that you will also enjoy watching this video,


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