web series

Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi from Click Tv India

  Gandhi’s life is to be captured in a web series by Click Tv India. Click India tv gives tribute to Mahatma Gandhi by showing the presence of a great leader in our upcoming web series “crazy memories”.  Prakash Gajanan Rane will be playing the role of Gandhiji in our new upcoming web series “crazy … Read more


khurafati web series

Okay, before I start, let me make something very clear. I am the biggest Khurafati fan in existence, and there’s going to be no debate about that. You just can’t claim to be a bigger fan than me, BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT. Fight me about it. I can recite the whole series ,without watching it, along … Read more

Flirty Dad

Flirty Dad: Truth or Dare with Best Friends

Flirty Dad is the story of a father James whose Son David dates a girl, James’ relationship with that girl’s mother emerges and every girl seems to be James’s sister and when David finally finds out that James is not his father and it gets shocked. Flirty Dad Teaser ये स्टोरी है एक ठरकी बाप … Read more

unemployment series

Unemployment: E01 Dangal vs Takatak

When some youth become unemployed. Then the social media virus captures their thinking power, and they start making ridiculous videos. This story is about a family whose emphasis is on making videos more than a job at home, and people of such a species contribute to unemployment very responsibly. And these people get so engrossed … Read more

flirteen comedy show

Flirteen: E01 Girls with New Neighbors

Flirting is a comedy story of such girls in which all the girls share the same house and due to some reason or the other, they keep getting tipped and all the girls have some special thing like someone has sleepwalking disease. So someone else and then in this way there is always someone getting … Read more