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Okay, before I start, let me make something very clear. I am the biggest Khurafati fan in existence, and there’s going to be no debate about that. You just can’t claim to be a bigger fan than me, BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT. Fight me about it. I can recite the whole series ,without watching it, along with the background score, while sleeping, without any error.

And, I watched it again. I’ve honestly lost count, but it can tell you I watched much times. The thing is, this is a series I can never get bored of. Even during this rewatch, I discovered something new, something clever.

Want to know what?

then start when you see when cars and people started coming on the streets, some people are having tea, some people are lighting cigarettes and there is a boy waiting for the shop to open when the shipowner comes when he speaks It is baba, open it early and say give me my cigarette when he gives it and it is written on it that it is harmful then baba says son it is rightly written when the boy says chutiya is a man, don’t trade it then he leaves.

After some time you see that the vegetable market is opening, only then an old man comes there and he starts looking at the vegetable when he says shop owner what is needed when uncle says nothing son I don’t have money then why shop owner in the morning If you have come to eat my brain in the morning, then the son had to drink tea, he speaks, go from here and then thinks and speaks, take chacha and he goes, then you see the boy comes on a medicine curse and he speaks to KP Dena KP points towards the pump.

then he does not speak that condom then why is he ashamed to say KP, he takes it and then leaves from KP As soon as the call comes, AJ asks and if baba comes to know about something, then Kp does not know if he does not know anything, if aj speaks, then Kp has told to tell and he calls baba and says baba today aJ’s call came Was asking about you, then tell him, don’t tell him anything and said it’s okay, then he goes to his old memories, he goes 10 years ago, let’s go with him, how baba used to live with kp aj Gave 25 rupees to kp and said, Kp goes to get milk and Kp goes straight to the paan shop and brings paan, it’s been a long time if kp doesn’t have income,

then wo tells aj to come with milk then said you are the number of Kp Why I go, baba said it has been 2 hours, he didn’t come till now and the paan was full in his mouth and baba asked where is the milk, then Kp said which milk did not give the rupees, neither said that he should bring the paan to him. In such a long time the nasedi paan comes and as soon as their argument starts, baba puts Kp and paan wale in the water, he says go bring milk, if I want to drink tea, he says okay and I don’t have that much rupees.

I speak aj and say Kp, you keep quiet and then you see that baba talks to his gf when the call of home onwer comes but he does not pick up then message comes, give rent or else I throw it out to kp asks and kp gets scared and baba slaps him. And she falls for someone else, she runs away, you see at night that the light goes out and kp aj gets scared kp says baba I have your money baba said that I will take it but that voice was someone else’s And he has come to say that you must be thinking that whose voice is this baba, so don’t go anywhere, you will know everything in the next episode.

Khurafati is the upcoming comedy web series on click tv entertainment and click shots. You can watch this series on Click Shots channel and click tv india ott app.

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