‘Hostel Life’, ‘Flirteen’ & Other Shows On Hostel Life That One Should Binge Watch

Here is a list of shows on hostel life, like ‘Hostel Life’, and ‘Flirteen’ that one can binge watch and travel down memory lane.

The time one spends in hostels is certainly cherished for life. From the late-night gossips, to fun banters and celebrations, these are often considered some of the best moments that people remember for life. Although the experience in a girl’s hostel and boy’s hostel are somewhat different, the basic elements of friendship, rivalry, and happiness remain the same. Here are some web shows on hostel life that will surely bring back old memories:

Hostel Life

Hostel Life Web Series
Hostel Life Poster

Hostel Life revolves around the life of four boys and their adventures in a hostel of India. It also covers the difficulties and challenges, roommates and friendships that one encounters in an all-boys hostel. This is one of the best shows on hostel life that you can binge watch on the internet.


flirteen comedy show
Flirteen Poster

This is one of the best shows on hostel life that a girl can relate to that tells the tale of four girls. This show will take one back to the time of roommates and fights, stolen things and bonds between roommates. The anecdotes narrated in Girl’s Hostel is something that one can connect with.

Recently Flirteen Second Episode is also Released, Here is the Official Link of this web series.

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