Hostel life E02 | Bachelors vs New Roommate

Hostel life E02 | Bachelors vs New Roommate

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Hostel life boys

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Directed By: Priyanka Arora
Produced By: Shonal Bose
DOP: Mohhamad Shahezad, Mohd Salim
Written By: Azeem Khan
Gaffer: Zubair Khan, ibrahim Yusuf Khan
Assistant Gaffer: Shiv Shankar
Project Head: Anubhava Shrivastava
Post Head: Bhavesh M. Kothari
Production: Peeping Tom Productions, Click Tv
Makeup studio: Faces by Anshu Arora
Digital Marketing: Jadeja Nirmalsinh, Deepak Goriya

Let’s start with a new story once again but this story is still incomplete. Like you did hostel life ep. 1 You must have seen that only then you have come till the 2nd ep,2nd ep, so we were talking that in the last episode he wanted to see Savita Bhabhi but could not see it, you had seen how many problems there was then that night would end the same now It starts next day, some new stories start with new stories, the next morning of these 4 friends

just like everyone cleans, they also have to be cleaned, but everyone has some work that remains fixed. If you have to do it, let’s see what a new twist comes, I have to say. And twist comes when they get tired of doing all the work, and that is because the work was more meter but only 4 friends have to do it and this happens because I told that the story is still twisted The story has come to me a new villain entry

Hostel boys king and that is you are thinking who is this rocky bhai so don’t worry about rocky will also be known slowly now, like these 4 friends get tired of working So they get very angry and the reason for this is rocky. Because when these 4 friends think together, now this no justice will not do much, we have to do something because we work and he rests rocky, it will not work like we are working

Hostel boys servant he will have to do it too, so this 4 friend Going to rocky together to say that now we will not bear this crime much because as much as we are working, you will have to work as much because you are also living in Home , now the condition remains bad because all of them have to be rocky Brother is scared, you must be thinking that this 4 and he alone is still afraid, then you will know this further, so we were talking that these 4 friends go to talk to rocky and they would also speak with courage Well, it won’t work anymore, it happened a lot, and those 4 friends also have an idea that we play pubg game, whoever wins, he will listen to him, and he will also do household chores, rocky brother agrees but rocky Brother was also smart, he could not give up so soon, so Rocky thought that let’s defeat them, then Rocky says that I will play the game and I will listen to you but I have one condition and That bet is that the game will be according to me and that game is Squid game game, you all must have understood which game I am doing, which is also a movie on Netflix, so that is this game, so now it will be fun, and this game of me 4 I’ll play the song once and when I play the song, when any of you dance, you’ll lose and I’ll win. , let’s start the game, They all go to the roof and the first time the song is played,

Hostel life dj boythen none of that 4 dance, the rocky thought is still stray, and the second time when this song No one dances even when it is played again, but when it happens again, when the song is played, then one of their friend’s dances, they think that now we have to work for 3 months. And rocky will just relax but rocky becomes good and he says I will not give up till you all dance, then everyone becomes happy and the song is played again “Kachcha Badam Kachch”. Almond” and those 3 friends could not stop themselves and they start dancing now and with this happiness, Hostel boys is enjoying Rocky also starts dancing, they have to work for 3 months and Rocky just rest, so like this There comes a problem of 3 months to these 4 friends and they can’t do anything else because they did it with our own hands, so this episode would have been complete, now I meet in the next episode.

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