Hostel Life: A Click shots original web series

Hey! Today I will share with you a show named “Hostel Life”, Yes! this is about 4 roommates and their experience. If you are one of them, you must watch this comedy series.

A Hostel Life story is a reflection of all Bachelors community which shows similar stories and similar problems.

Episode 01 – Bachelor Vs. Earphones

Bachelor Vs. Earphones tells the story of four desperate bachelors, who want to watch Savita Bhabhi’s mid-night show. They face many problems and get stuck in the earphone tragedy, and the show ends. Suddenly one of their roommates comes out to the bathroom, rest of the roommates are shocked to see him, let’s see how.

Here is the teaser video: Hostel Life EP01 Teaser

Episode 02 – Bachelors vs New Roommate

This story tells us the truth of life experiences. When our life is going smoothly without any tension when we enjoying every moment of our life. Then all of sudden, our life gives us a bad trip. In this story, we see a bad trip in the life of four friends, who feel relaxed in their lives. Suddenly a guy ‘Rocky’ comes into their life’s as ‘Rahu’ and eclipses their lives.

Teaser of Hostel Life EP02

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