Flirty Dad E01 | Truth or Dare with Best Friends

Flirty Dad E01 | Truth or  Dare with BestFriends

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Flirty dad

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Directed By: Priyanka Arora
Produced By: Shonal Bose
DOP: Mohhamad Shahezad, Mohd Salim
Written By: Azeem Khan
Gaffer: Zubair Khan, ibrahim Yusuf Khan
Assistant Gaffer: Shiv Shankar
Project Head: Anubhava Shrivastava
Post Head: Bhavesh M. Kothari
Production: Peeping Tom Productions, Click Tv
Makeup studio: Faces by Anshu Arora
Digital Marketing: Jadeja Nirmalsinh, Deepak Goriya

You all must have heard the stories of the father, but today you will hardly have heard the stories about which you are going to talk because these stories are very funny and the twist in the story is also too much, so let’s start. Let’s do it without any interruption,

Flirty dad boy’s birthday party like some friends do some things at every birthday party, similarly here too, some friends enjoy their friend’s birthday together as I said, every friend is a bastard. In the same way, there is some bastard dost here too, so, at the end of the party, he plays some game, that game is truth & dare, you must now know which game is this and how to play but still, I will tell you that this game How to play in this game, a boy will turn the bottle, then the face of the bottle will be on whose side, he will either tell a truth which he has not told to anyone or he will dare that his friends can ask him to do anything, that game starts. and the face of the bottle stops towards Jem, then Jem has told a truth of his which he has not told anyone. I told and that truth was about his love life, Flirty dad son girlfriend and what scandals his dad had done in his life, so if 1 girl near his girlfriend wanted to date him then he wanted to date her. If he wanted to tell dad, he tells this on the day of father’s day, he says that he wants to go on a date with dad, then he tells that the girl is near his house, but his dad was not less, he was also his son’s girlfriend. was dating mom,Dad’s girlfriend so here he speaks to his son and tells you one thing in the son that that girl is your sister because I am dating his mom, so here that girl becomes his sister, so the son is angry from there. A few days pass, his boy starts loving again, then he wants to tell this thing to his dad again, then he goes to pass this thing again, then he says that dad loves a girl again So that girl is your friend’s daughter but as before her dad was not less open as before, Party timeshe was still dating the girl’s mom, so here she is. Then that girl becomes his sister, and his heart breaks again because even if he does now, what should he do, his dad keeps on dating already, so when his dad says son when you date a girl,Boy’s sister then I must If you tell this way that boy leaves from there, then that boy goes to tell this thing to his mom for a few days, but his mom gave him a big surprise. What should I do as soon as I am dating my girlfriend’s mom, if I do not understand anything, then her mom speaks son, it doesn’t matter because she is not your dad or else she gets very confused as to what is happening now Opening a different secret and he leaves from there when his friend hears this, he laughs a lot about this matter and there is no problem brother, Mom sonif you come and drink comfortably, then this story would have ended this way.

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