Flirteen Girls: Fizool Gyan Episode 02 |

Flirteen Girls:

Fizool Gyan Episode 02 |

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Directed By: Priyanka Arora
Produced By: Shonal Bose
DOP: Mohhamad Shahezad, Mohd Salim
Written By: Azeem Khan
Gaffer: Zubair Khan, ibrahim Yusuf Khan
Assistant Gaffer: Shiv Shankar
Project Head: Anubhava Shrivastava
Post Head: Bhavesh M. Kothari
Production: Peeping Tom Productions, Click Tv
Makeup studio: Faces by Anshu Arora
Digital Marketing: Jadeja Nirmalsinh, Deepak Goriya

As you have seen in flirteen E-1, see what kind of girls flirt with their neighbours or they come to know that they are married then their dreams can be shattered so today Something similar to her, we are going to talk as if girls keep something hidden from their friends, she does not tell about her boyfriend, that she does not tell about her relation, that she does not even tell who she is. While dating together, Flirteen gilr looking her clothsome story is similar to them when 1 girl looks at her clothes because today she has to go on a date to meet her boyfriend, she thinks which outfit to try today and which one not when she looks carefully when At the same time her friend Maya comes and asks her what is she looking at the clothes so carefully today, when the shadow speaks, not just thinking like this, what should I wear today when her friend thinks in her mind it is okay, don’t tell the son but me It is known that today you are going on a date with someone, then she also starts thinking that if I have to go on a date,then she is more Does not pay attention to her friend Priya comes in such a long time and she asks both of you what are you both doing here, where are you thinking of going where you are not going to meet when she does not speak, just going to wash clothes Only when that Priya starts giving her knowledge that you stay active on social media, post there, do this, do that when her friend gets bored with her and both of them leave from there and after some time she try to outfit Maya. When she thinks, again and again, I wore this on my father’s birthday, then tries another. And on the other hand, Chhaya also tries to outfit when she hears Maya coming when she closes the door of the cupboard and tries to sleep when Maya comes and takes one of her outfits and thinks that it is. My fit will come, then she leaves and after her departure, she is also going to win the date by wearing a shadow outfit, but there will be a big twist on this, let’s see what happens when Maya and Chhaya Or both meet at the date location when she thinks what are you doing and what are you doing when she says I have come on a date from Kabir when Kabir speaks, you both do not even know and I am with your girlfriend She has gone to the washroom as soon as she has come to date, when her girlfriend comes, she sees that she is her friend Priya, when she was talking to Kabir’s account as soon as she spoke, then both of them started killing her, you must be thinking in front of now how and why her boyfriend didn’t do anything so let me tell you there was a dream she was watching priya when her friend asks what happened when she speaks nothing was just a dream and was killing me when her friend is celebrity when she If someone is killing you as soon as you speak, then how did you feel about this episode by commenting

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