Flirteen Girls E4: Flirty Friends

  Flirteen Girls E4:      Flirty Friends

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Flirteen girls

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Directed By: Priyanka Arora
Produced By: Shonal Bose
DOP: Mohhamad Shahezad, Mohd Salim
Written By: Azeem Khan
Gaffer: Zubair Khan, ibrahim Yusuf Khan
Assistant Gaffer: Shiv Shankar
Project Head: Anubhava Shrivastava
Post Head: Bhavesh M. Kothari
Production: Peeping Tom Productions, Click Tv
Makeup studio: Faces by Anshu Arora
Digital Marketing: Jadeja Nirmalsinh, Deepak Goriya

Let’s start once again with some funny story, by the way, all of you have already seen the episode of flirteen, you liked it now only then you have come till its last episode once let me tell you this episode is going to be a lot funnier It’s a lot of fun, so let’s start, when the roommate feels hungry, Flirteen girls she starts searching for your food in the kitchen, when she doesn’t find anything in the kitchen, she Maya, Chaya and Priya come to the room and talk. That man, if he is feeling very hungry, then he orders something when all three of them start telling their own choices, let’s order chole bath, one speaks, not ordering pizza, then one does not speak, man, someone says that as soon as they order chicken, Flirteen girls then they decide that we order chicken pakode, and naan then Chaya says to ask Sam when Maya speaks, he will contribute to say when Sam comes for so long, Chaya asks will you eat something when she says no, I do not eat outside, when she goes away, then she orders all three,Flirteen girls then she takes her own I get into my phone, someone takes selfi, someone does chatting, it’s been a long time when Maya says what happened by calling, no order came when she calls the delivery guy, when she speaks it’s too late, you didn’t order As soon as she says that I had given your order to a Sam girl, then all three of them go to Sam and when she goes to Sam when she sees that she is eating their food, then Maya asks if you have to eat. Flirteen girls So why are you eating when she speaks guys she was my fast yesterday so I was very hungry, so I ate it when Chhaya says it’s chicken and you don’t eat it when she speaks this chicken It was when she fell.Flirteen girls When her friend takes care of her and then she goes to meet her friend when she keeps on eating fast food when her new friend talks to Priya and Chhaya that boy is looking at me when a girl makes fun of her friend and says maybe her The eyes will be bad which is looking at you when she speaks, now both of us come to improve her when Chhaya and Priya go to that boy and say why are you looking at this girl, Flirteen girls what is she like that not in us, being such a hot girl Looking at that simple girl when the boy says no, you are misunderstood, I am not seeing but she does not listen to a single word of her and was speaking herself when both say that you boys take dreams hot and beautiful more of the girl. Marry a simple girl you don’t know the meaning of beautiful when she speaks you don’t see us so hot only when both speaks don’t see me when my friend of that boy comes for so long and he says sorry if My friend harassed you Flirteen girls because it is blind when she gets shocked when both the boys leave from there then both the girls say we will not say anything to both of them when she says yes yes we will not get our insult done when Maya and That girl comes when she both says that I have explained to her, Flirteen girls now she will not see any girl when she speaks enough I know she is blind to it now don’t be too blind when again a boy keeps looking from behind when he She speaks when she speaks no more, we are not going to come to your talk when that boy comes and tells that girl that would u like dance with mom when that girl says yes sure and she starts dancing then she Girls feel quite Jealous so this is the end of this episode so how did you think you must comment

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